About Us

Our Mission

Uniting the state of Oklahoma through amateur sporting events

Our Vision

The most inclusive sporting event in Oklahoma, The State Games of Oklahoma is open to every amateur athlete in our state, regardless of gender or ability. Several of our events have divisions for youth, adults, and seniors, from beginners to experienced competitors.

Based on the Olympic format and officially endorsed by the United States Olympic Committee, The State Games of Oklahoma is a non-profit 501 (c)3 organization that unites all communities across the state through sport, health, and wellness as the largest amateur sports festival in Oklahoma,

Our History

The State Games of Oklahoma began as The Sooner State Games in 1983. The Oklahoma legislature designated the games as the official State Games in preparation of the 1989 Olympic Festival in Oklahoma City. In 1989, Oklahoma City All Sports adopted the program to aid in the growth of the events. In 2015, The Sooner State Games were rebranded to The State Games of Oklahoma. The Games have remained true to the Olympic-style competitive format, awarding gold, silver, and bronze medals to thousands of athletes across the state. We welcome all amateur athletes, regardless of age or ability, to participate in the wide variety of sports offered.